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Spring Back or Fall Ahead?!?

Spring ahead…..spring ahead! How on earth can you “spring ahead” when they take an hour sleep from you? lol I hate mornings as it is. I’m now one hour closer to going back to work in the morning. 🙁 So make sure the clocks went back last night. Boourns to that.

Mom is still in ICU. 🙁 Feel better soon Mommy.

Check this out: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/american_idle_numa.html.

Ok, so I started going back to the gym as of Friday…I signed up for 6 months so there is no skipping out after the month is up like last time. I don’t remember getting this sore from the gym. I hurt all over. It’s a good pain I suppose. The weirdest part is that I somehow have lost 5lbs since last Wednesday night!! Must be from the brain. haha

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