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Step by Step

Step one:
We can have lots of fun
Step two:
There’s so much we can do
Step three:
It’s just you and me
Step four:
I can give you more
Step five:
Don’t you know that the time has arrived!! HUH!

:scared: So it has been officially announced: :scared:

Near the end of the second segment (interview) you hear a snippet of their new stuff. Oh dear is all I can say.

Doesn’t that bring you back 12-15 years! WOW. They look so old….some still aren’t bad…especially for being near 40.

Man, all the the screaming fans made me laugh in that video. They are all like our age or older….

They are touring in the fall. Who’s going?! I know there must be some closet fans still who will pay the big bucks… I doubt I will. I’d laugh too hard. It would be worse than the BSB concert. Bahahaha

First “concert” is May 16th on the Today Show. I will surely post that as well.

So Hang Tough ladies….the ‘kids’ are coming back! 😉


    • Laura

      I *might* have went if I had someone like you, Liz, to go with. We had a grand ol’time at BSB and we were the ones making fun of going. Oh those were the days…

      Still have all those New Kids tapes I gave you in SHS that came with the dolls and whatnot?! (lol)

      Take video if/when you go so I can see! hehe

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