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Oh me nerves

I’m just as nervous as he is I’m sure….Well maybe not but whatever. hehe I can kind of imagine how parents feel when their kids are doing something big/special. I’m starting to get it.

John’s big presentation is in like 30 minutes and I’m a ball of nerves. I’m sitting here waiting….trying to not think about it….stall almost. But it’s not happening.

3 years of Civil have built up to this. This is the *big show* in terms of his classes. I’m really glad I was able to make it. I can’t imagine being at work and wondering how things are going. I like to be sure.

I am just where I need to be.

It’ll be all over soon enough and then comes the last week of John’s undergrad career.

I know it’s all going to go so well and there is nothing to worry about but the butterflies have been dormant in my stomach since last spring or so.  They are making up for lost time and there are just a fluttering.

It’s like back to the beginning. Head Hall. Where it all begins in Engineering and where it ends.

The Engg library becomes a second home. A hot & smelly second home. If you could only smell the smell. Old books, curry, people’s sweat because it’s so damn hot. Oh well, it’s all part of the ‘experience’ I guess. *puke*

So exciting!

Well, it’s show time so I need to stop typing and watch.

Catch you all on the flipside.

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  • John

    I’m glad you were as nervous as I was. Its weird I wasnt even doing the talking. (lol) I really appriciate you being there it meant a lot to me. Its too bad that you went to the Library and not a computer lab though. The main reason I stay away from the lib. is that it is too hot this time of year. Oh and theres only 1 day and a hand full of hours :waiting: till iron ring.
    I love you


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