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Thanksgiving Sunday

So it’s Sunday…Thanksgiving to be exact. And I’m in Alberta.

It’s going to be different. This time last year I was cooking up a storm for J, Mom, Greg, and Elaine. This year I cooked up a storm for Tanya and friends. I didn’t do much baking because Tanya was baking a lot but I couldn’t do nothing.

So I baked some homemade pull-apart rolls. Cranberry sauce. Caramilk Fudge. And Snickerdoodles. I’ll post my rolls recipe soon enough. I also brought with me some of Nan’s pickles and the chow I made last year. So I definitely didn’t come empty handed. I also made Gram’s stuffing this morning and did the turkey thing.

I’m actually just being able to start to the smell the turkey as we speak…or should I say as I type. Hopefully it turns out. I’ve never had it fail (that probably just jiinxed it right there) and to have it fail now when it’s not just J and I and family…would be karmic. So let’s just keep those fingers crossed.

I hope my stomach lets me eat and lets me enjoy it afterwards but we will see. It’s been acting weird. It’s either an ulcer, acid reflux, or a gallbladder attack but I’m just hoping it’s the flu. The latter would be the best option. But we shall see. It’s been fine during the day but man, in the evening just before bed it’s been unbearable. I’ve had to take a gravol just so I’d be able to get to sleep and sleep through it. Oh what a fun life I lead. I will have to make a trip to the Doctor soon if it continues.

So yea, back on track. Turkey. Thanksgiving. YUM!

Interesting fact.

Did you know out in Alberta people don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “Turnip”.

It’s Rutabaga.  Yes that is the “proper” term but seriously, who calls it that.

Albertans that’s who.

J’s actually out to buy another one because the one we bought was too small. It really shrinks down and I really like it. I don’t think many people eat it but still. You can’t have enough.

I haven’t showered as of yet. I should get on that.

So I’m gone to shower. Enjoy your turkey day! 🙂


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