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Time to push the panic button

Ok, I promise this will be last post/rant on TML for a while (unless somebody gets fired or a blockbuster is made (lol)). But I just want to say it’s time to push the panic button.

I read this from hockeybuzz.com and thought it summed what I wanted to say really well so why try to re-write it. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Maple Leafs’ plight is really no mystery at all. This is a bad hockey club right now. It is a team with one member of the 23-man roster [Mats Sundin] playing anywhere close to an elite level. Every other skater, with the possible exception of Nik Antropov, is floundering. Both goalies are struggling — one moreso than the other. Not a single member of the defence core is playing up to standard. Jason Blake, a 40-goal shooter last year, is on pace for seven goals this season. Wellwood doesn’t have an assist yet. Darcy Tucker looks lost and frustrated — still with only two goals. Matt Stajan and Alex Steen have made no strides at all since last season, when they both regressed by failing to compete strongly for the puck. Maurice throws as many fourth-liners over the boards each night as any coach in the NHL. Mostly, it is all so predictable. As yours truly has written and said many times since the summer, Ferguson did not change the roster nearly enough to realistically expect different results.

It is truly a mess in Leaf-land, and there is nothing beyond crossed fingers and blind hope to suggest the situation will improve.

This is f’n horrible. However, with each loss we are closer to having a shake-up in the off season or maybe even the middle of the season and it gives the Leafs better draft rankings. hehe And this year is supposed to be one of the best for young up and comings in the draft. So I’ll keep watching the games and hoping but in the end, maybe finishing a lot lower than they expected will actually do something.ย  They are looking a lot like Philadelphia last year, and well let’s be honest…that isn’t such a bad thing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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