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    E’s words for Noah

    Saying Elijah is devastated is an understatement but he is so strong. He was determined to read the words he wrote in front of every one. Here are the beautiful words he wrote for his brother. We will always remember you Noah. You will always be in our hearts. And we will always think of you every day and every night. You were always so funny. We all loved your toys and watching you play with your toys, especially alien. We liked the library books you picked and we will always love you forever in our hearts. I loved sitting beside you at supper, lunch, and breakfast. I loved how…

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    Happy Birthday Mr. E!

    I took this photo just minutes ago at the same time you were born. I do this every year. I honestly can’t believe how big you have gotten. It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years since I experienced birth for the first time and met you. You have really been amazing this past year. You’ve seen things, you know things you never should have had to see at the ripe ol’age of 2. But, you were a trooper. You took it in stride and handled it so well. You are wise beyond your years Mr. E. I’m sorry you’ve had to grow up so fast some days but then…

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    Home Base

    I am his home base and he is mine. I was his refuge, his warmth, his food. I was all he knew. Slowly he became comfortable enough to crawl or walk away, but always with a glance back. Now he runs and hides but always sneaks a peek. (I pretend I don’t notice sometimes. Others I flash him a big grin) He has become my refuge, warmth, and food for my soul. He may not say “Mom” very often or all that clearly but when he does. I melt. Like this afternoon. He woke early from nap and we thought he may go back so I grabbed him, his blankets…


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