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Weird day

Exploded today. Out of nowhere. Over nothing.

I couldn’t control myself.

I don’t like that me.

It’s like something takes over.

It’s something I can’t seem to stop.


Enough about that. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and reflecting, and praying recently so my blog may have a weird spin. Maybe it won’t. Who knows. Maybe I’ll pose the questions to you guys and see what you think?! (lol)

So I made lasagna this morning and it actually turned out. And if I don’t say so myself, John and I make the best lasagna I’ve ever eaten. Nothing fancy. Just meat and sauce and lots of cheese…not a big fan of veggies and certainly NO cottage cheese! But it was tasty. I may post a pic or 2 later. I don’t have them here on campus with me.

I also finished my kitchen “surprise” and it seemed to turn out. I’m going to cook it again next weekend and make more. John likes it. So fingers crossed.

I’m almost through my season 2 of Grey’s anatomy. Season 3 comes out Sept. 11th. Then on comes Season 4 on tv…can’t wait. I just can’t get enough. Love this show and I can’t say that enough either! I don’t know what I’m going to watch when these discs are gone because tv is obsolete in our household. I won’t miss it during the day, just the evenings. Oh well. I’m out. I’m growing weary of campus already. Night all!

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  • Meghan

    Yeah lasagna is very easy to make. I didn’t know you guys had never made it before…I wanna know what the kitchen surprise is! Not like I could probably make it or anything lol. I’m just so curious…

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