2008,  JAA

What does this look like to you?!

To me it looks like a 3.3 GPA and confirmation that J is officially out of UNB!!!

That’s it. The final mark has appeared and confirmed what we already knew, J is officially an EIT now. So that’s it folks, it’s time to congratulate J on a job well done. The hard work has paid off and he know has an awesome job lined up…just too bad it’s not around here, eh?!

It’s been quite the weekend…


    • Laura

      Yea, it’s pretty sweet and I’m pretty friggin excited. So excited in fact, that I think you should play Mario Kart with me this week. haha

  • Meghan

    Good job John!!!! I bet you guys are friggin happy. 2 weeks till we’re home baby! Then we can celebrate NB style…Oh I need to see your dress still 😛 I have to go shopping..

    • Laura

      Oh frig, I forgot about that. I just have to take a picture of it… that doesn’t seem like too much to ask now does it. My mind has been elsewhere. Once I find the camera I will get on that.

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