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Just Once

I’m sorry you have to be there and I am here. It’s not what I had pictured for this month or and I don’t think it’s what you had envisioned. It’s definitely not what I had wanted. But, life and the all mighty dollar leads the way once again. I wish I was able to bring in enough so that you didn’t have to do this for us. You say you don’t mind. But I know you do. And even if you didn’t, I DO. I do mind.

Just once I want to be the one to bail us out.

Just once I want things to be easier. (note: I didn’t say easy)

Just once.

Only 2 more weeks….


  • Melissa

    I know how you feel but instead of a few weeks or even months it is more then a year Mark and I will be apart….that is life though and it sucks but we will survive

    • Laura

      The distance isn’t getting to me…not yet anyway….it’ll probably be a different story by July 11th. (lol) It’s just other weird things and how I don’t have the money and John had to spend his last 3 weeks in NB living at home in Moncton when he wants to be here… *sigh* It’s life though…July will be here soon enough

  • Melissa

    who really has the money..really. the money thing bothers me too trust me I feel your pain. it is weird not having someone around u r use to seeing every day. July will be here before you know it and so will feb 2009! lol.

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