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What I Hate about Summer

Most people say the heat. The humidity. Mosquitoes.

I say Black Socks.

Yes. You read that right. I said black socks.

I hate black socks. Always have, probably always will. I will admit there is a time and a place for them (i.e. Men in suits, etc) but it doesn’t mean I have to like them.

But you are probably wondering why that involves me hating summer. Well, the 2 are interconnected.

J wears black socks to work because he has to wear stinky steel toes.  Especially ripe in the summer months. But pretty much as soon as he gets home, off come the socks. Understandably so I must admit.

But then that means there are socks everywhere I turn. It’s like a bad nightmare. Black socks everywhere. *shutter*

What makes it worse is that thee black work socks that have been stuck in stinky, sweaty boots for the day. Blech.

I don’t even like to touch them so I casually step around them being extra careful not to touch them with my own feet.

The thought of this makes me shutter. Makes me thankful I don’t have to wear black work socks and steel toe boots. My bare feet are perfectly acceptable.  Yes, I realize that bare feet=black socks to other people. But those people aren’t me. haha

So I kind of look forward to the day that J isn’t out in the field all.the.time. so he can wear normal white socks with jeans or even dress black socks with a nice pair of slacks (yes, you read that right too. I said slacks. How old school am I?!) is acceptable. Even though I still don’t like black dress socks, because they are black. Duh. But anything would be better than thick black tube socks.

**end of transmission**

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