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    So why did I go on Hiatus from the blog…again?

    I was back on track and doing pretty well keeping people up to date with life and pregnancy and all things us. Then once tests came back and gender was revealed I felt weird talking about and celebrating “normal”. It was like I was taking away from our Noah journey and it felt weird to me to make any sort of deal over the health of O. As if any celebration was a kick in the pants to Noah. I know, couldn’t be further from the truth but it was a strange place to be in. I love Noah and every thing about him and the memories I have of his…

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    O’s Birth Story *LONG*

    Short Version: Monday 4:50AM – Water breaks at home when I was walking to the bathroom 4:59AM – Text Doula to let her know my water broke and I was going to go back to bed 5:20AM – Bloody show starts 6:31AM – First contractions started; 5-6 minutes apart and ~30 seconds long 8:59AM – First strong contraction that was hard to manage 9:04AM – Called doula to come 9:33AM – Doula arrived 10:07AM – Leave for hospital 10:20AM – Admitted to L&D (8cm dilated & 100% effaced) 10:57AM – Spontaneously pushing and confirmed I was 10cm dilated 11:00AM – Dr. J arrives 11:20AM – O was born at 38w3d weighing 9lbs 11.8oz and…

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    Old Wives Tales

    I love guessing the sex of people’s babies, especially my own. I know Old Wives’ tales are 50/50 and completely false I still like doing them and reading into them all. LOL I found a list of them online and we did them all just to see what they say. So while you are waiting for the scratch card or announcement here’s some fun, light reading. Heart Rate If the baby’s heart rate is above 140 bpm, it is said that the baby will be a girl. If it is under 140 bpm, then it will be a boy. Prediction outcome: Girl. When we first heard it, it was 173-177bpm. The…


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