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Are you fat?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Hypothetical question for this blog. It’s a question I just came across on another blog/questionnaire and I had a moment.

I sat here staring at the computer screen waiting to answer honestly. Without even thinking my mouse wandered to ‘no’ but then my brain kicked in. It said “I know you aren’t fat, but you *feel* fat”. What’s the difference?! Is there a difference?! Ok, I know that actual, real difference (in real life) but does it matter in context to this question.

How does this question want someone to answer. Are you legitimately fat (proven by Waist-to-hip ratio or BMI)? Or just feel fat, which makes you think you’re fat so you’re fat.

If you feel fat or think you’re fat shouldn’t the answer be ‘yes’ to the question. Somehow by checking ‘no’ you feel like it’s all a shame, it’s a lie.

This is hard to articulate.

My inner monologue tells me or rather makes me feel fat at times, especially recently, but when directly asked if I’m fat I can’t answer. I *know* I’m not labelled as fat, the medical profession wouldn’t consider me fat… but at the same time I am.

However there isn’t anything wrong with it, I realize I’m heavier than before but it hasn’t changed my face or the perception of myself others see. Well, people who matter at least. I still have the same face and the body hasn’t altered all that dramatically…it’s all psychology. The mind can do wonderous and down right nasty things to it’s ‘owner.’

It’s all relative.

Compared to someone labelled Over-weight or Obese….no.

Compared to models…yes.

Compared to tv personalities (most)…yes.

It’s the last 2 that really mess with people’s minds. They are not the majority. Heck, I am proably the majority but made to feel lesser. Unhealthy. Gross. The media tries it’s tricks. Somehow ‘average’ is inadequate.

I sit here and stare.

And think.

And stare.

I wish there was a ‘maybe’ or ‘sometimes’ option.

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