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Two weeks.

Two weeks from today my hubby will be part of an ‘exclusive club.’ One with a ‘secret’ ceremony. He will become an Engineer with the iron ring….well, an engineer without his professional stamp (that’ll come in another 4 or so years) but still. But to many, the iron ring is it. He’s worked long and hard for this little (well size 10 isn’t so little I guess) pinky ring. He’s going to be beaming. As am I. I just wish I could go, but alas, I do not have an iron ring or am I graduating from Eng. this year so I cannot attend.

I will still see him off before he goes and take pics before and after. I will join him as soon as I can to take more pictures and see the excitement for myself….and probably be a DD. Well, there is no probably about it…I will be a DD.

It’s going to be a monumental day for him. One that has seemed to take an eternity but he only started Civil 3 short or LONG (depending on your perspective) years ago.

It all builds for this moment it seems for an Engineer. It’s their convocation. It’s the day they look forward to, more than receiving of a piece of paper from the University.

It’s hard to believe that in just 2 weeks from today it’ll be here and then over.

It’s going to be a busy 2 weeks for John and I’ll probably feel like I have no husband at times. The school is going to own him for hours on end. But it’s all worth it. Once Iron Ring happens it’s just 4 exams that stand in the way for the official end.

I’ll just have to find things to occupy my time. I’ll come up with something. Work on my blog or website….does anyone need a site built? That’ll take up my time here by myself.

It’s hard to imagine we are going to again be starting a new. It’ll almost be like starting a new life again. One where we don’t have to worry about money for textbooks, tuition and how we are going to live off my salary. It’ll become filled with similar worries I suppose, because instead of tuition we have the student loan centre. It’ll probably be the same expenses every 4 months that tuition was but this time we are moving in the right direction. Away from the red. We’ll be able to feel more like grownups than this feeling of suspension…we aren’t quite adults but we aren’t ‘students’ either when he’s in school. There’s that mentality that we will soon be leaving behind.

People will stop thinking John parties all the time, misses class, goes to school hungover/drunk, doesn’t ‘work’, is up all hours of the night, whatever it is people assume of University students… That couldn’t be further from the truth but people’s perceptions are going to change even though this will be the same person John’s been in the past 3 years. John would have been working at least part-time if I hadn’t stepped up and said no. That’s right, I put my foot down. I decided it would be better for us to struggle and accumulate a little more debt than to work along with 6 courses + labs. I would find a way. I would have taken on 2 jobs if I had to but we squeezed through. Mind you there were times when we had to rely on others for help, but that happens and we paid our debts and moved on. We acknowledge it couldn’t have been done without them and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

We made it. It wasn’t easy. Far from it. We made sacrifices, big ones & it was hard, but we got past them and here we are. Two weeks from one of the bigger days in John’s life…

Wow! Just 2 weeks and 4.5 hours……

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