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    C’s Birth Story *LONG*

    Short Version: Sunday 5:47AM – Messaged our Doula (L) to tell her I thought things were going to happen today because I woke with a rock hard stomach and just had a feeling 9:07AM – Having signs early labour was starting & we started messaging friends to find childcare for the boys 11:02AM – Messaged a friend to come over so we would be ready when it was time 11:03AM – Texted our Doula to let her know I was now having regular contractions (4-6min apart & 45sec-1min in duration) & managing well 11:08AM – I decided we should get Doula to come over 11:13AM – Friend arrived 11:19AM – Doula arrived 11:38AM – Leave…

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    24 week update

    We have reached viability! Another goal down! Next up is week 34 so we won’t have any worries about needing to be transferred to Calgary. Then it is above 36 weeks to avoid extra NICU time here and then we will see if I can pass my all-time pregnancy record of 38w3d. 😀 But here is the most recent glimpse of BabyA 2015: We had our last “extra” testing up in Calgary and all checked out with the heart and were cleared from their MFM. Well from what we can see and were told it’s good but all checked out with N as well, and well, we know how that…

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    Anatomy Scan is coming up soon

    6 sleeps until the detailed anatomy scan at MFM. I’m nervous to say the least. At least they put it all on a tv so I can watch and there’s no secrets like there is here at our local clinic. I hope all checks out ok and gives us some peace of mind to get through pregnancy and meet this little one. I have the list of things to be on the look out for and to talk with the tech about. The last one asked about CHARGE and checked each item as I mentioned it to show the perinatalogist to make sure all looked typical from their end. I…

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    Old Wives Tales to pass the time while waiting and wondering

    I love guessing the sex of people’s babies, especially my own. I know Old Wives’ tales are 50/50 and completely false I still like doing them and reading into them all. 😉 I found a list of them online when I was pregnant with Oliver and we did them all just to see what they say so we did them again this time. So while I am waiting to meet baby, here’s some fun, light reading. Heart Rate If the baby’s heart rate is above 140 bpm, it is said that the baby will be a girl. If it is under 140 bpm, then it will be a boy. Prediction outcome:…


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