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May 29, 2008

I had all intentions of blogging on that day or for that day but instead I worked half a day, came home & took John to the SUB, got dressed, drove John’s family to the grad, went to dinner, unpacked the van, drove Jerry to the Northside to go canoeing, and then packed into all hours of the night.

So better late than never it is.

This was a day many years in the making and I couldn’t believe it was time to see John walk across that stage. Once we saw his name on the grad list, Saturday the 24th, it became all the more real. It gaveus something else to celebrate while we were in Hamilton.

It was a little cold and a lot windy on Thursday and it seemed to take forever during the ceremony in parts. But not bad considering how many grads there were. Let’s put it this way, there are 4 ceremony’s spread out over 2 days and John was grad number 399 in attendance that day and he was about half way through. If I remember I’ll put an arrow on where John is sitting in the masses to give you an idea.

So it became official the other day and my husband joined the ranks of UNB alumnus. I was…I am very proud of that fact. I’ve seen what it took to get through and it wasn’t easy. Many long days and nights and editing (even on my part) but he persevered. John may have had to work extra hard to get where he got, but he got there and knows what he is doing and that extra hard work payed off. He had no job worries. Someone recruited HIM.

So here are a few pics for those of you who couldn’t be here to celebrate with us in person.

Look at all the people (arrow is John)

The “Big Wigs”

Blurry John waiting for his turn

The New Graduate Himself

John and his parents

John & Ed

Us 🙂


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