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Exam Saturdays suck

So here I am on a Saturday afternoon sitting on the couch with nothing to do. Well I do have reading I could be doing…but it’s still at the library so I’m going to leave it there until I have to go and pick up John to take him to and from his exam. I’ll put in my 3 hours tonight. 🙂

My final this morning couldn’t have went any better I don’t think. It was one of those things where I totally spent time on only the stuff she asked in the short answer/essays. However, someone of the multiple choice was iffy…that damn chapter on psychoneuroimmunology really screwed me up. I couldn’t keep proteins and cells and nerve fibres straight. Oh well, it was just multiple choice. It was 1 in 3 of a chance for me because I always narrowed it down by one. I totally own that course. It tells me that I am heading in the right direction…health psychology.

A little update on that monstrosity of a term paper I had to do a few weeks ago and totally put it off until the last minute and ended up only going to bed 7:30am the next morning. I got 1.5 hours sleep before I was up again to take John to school and do my daily duties. But again, I owned that course. I got a 29/30. 🙂 🙂 If only I could have gotten it back before writing the final because it would have made me feel better and slightly less worrisome going in because I got 55/60 on the possibly 60 marks right on my grade. I already passed. The lowest mark I can get in this class is 63/100 because I got 20/20 on the essay section. This I know for sure. So basically I’m done with it. I learned so much in this course it was unreal. Definitely good choice on my part.

So one last issue for this blog….so I put off ordering my University grad pics that I took many years ago now. They told me I could always order a set so don’t worry. Well, I went to order them today to surprise John, Mom and Dad and well, all the contact info I have for them no longer works. I’m guessing he retired. He was in business for 35 years. I don’t know where the stuff goes…did it get thrown out? Does it go to a different photographer? Does it just get held onto? Who knows. All I know is that this sucks. I want my grad pics. 🙁 I’ll keep trying to track someone down about them but I have no idea where to start. I looked the guys name up on Canada 411 to see if he’s still in the area but no personal numbers came up matching either so who knows where this man has retired to. Boo. So there’s my rant. Yes, it’s technically my own fault. I kept asking my parents what they wanted and how many and it’s been years later and they still can’t give me a straight answer. Maybe I’ll get them taken again….but I really don’t want to. I looked slightly different then.

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  • Meghan

    You have your grad proofs though right? Maybe a photo place here coule work with that. I know when you bring in a picture somewhere (like Walmart, not that I’m saying use them :p) they can make a negative from the pic you gave them and they can give you all the pictures you want and even give you a negative too in case you ever want to use the picture again. I have the # for Harvey’s Studio and Maria’s studio if and the list of grad pic prices if you want them.

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