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I would have made a deal with the devil himself

Since my last post, things got crazy in the A household. We were finally finding our routine, our normal after introducing another member to our family. And N threw us yet another curveball.

A big scary curveball.

I turned to leave the room to spend some time with E before his nap and as I got to the door something told me I needed to turn around. To get closer to my son. That’s when I noticed something was horribly wrong.

*enter 911*

I thought I knew what pain was. I didn’t.

Pain is holding your child and not knowing what the future is going to hold and crying out to whoever will listen. Bargaining and pleading and willing to make a deal with anyone and anything to make everything ok.

Luckily for us, everything seems to be ok now with our littlest man. We don’t know what happened exactly but hopefully it’ll never happen again.

It was the.scariest.moment.of my life.

Things could have ended up much differently if I did not trust my instincts. Instincts are a powerful thing and should never be ignored. Case in point, July 4th in the A household.



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