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Metallica info

Here are 2 quick Metallica updates. No one reading this probably cares but me but just in case. The world must be aware. I’m psyched to hear this new album and the fact that there is an Unforgiven III rocks my world. The listing was released yesterday…yes, I’m a day slow at reporting this info but man, cut me some slack. I’m busy being bored.

Track Listing for Death Magnetic Boys and Girls (Leak Central #27)

Here are the song titles in the running order . . .

That Was Just Your Life
The End Of The Line
Broken, Beat & Scarred
The Day That Never Comes
All Nightmare Long
The Unforgiven III
The Judas Kiss
Suicide & Redemption
My Apocalypse

One last interesting piece of Metallica information that the free world should know. However, hardcord Metallica fans would already know this I’m sure. But in case there are significant others out there who don’t or who just might be able to surprise a loved one with this info…here it is.

Death Magnetic,” the entire album, available for Guitar Hero too!

It’s a first in both music and gaming . . . the same day that “Death Magnetic” hits the streets, you’ll be able to download every song from the album for “Guitar Hero III!” We are so psyched that we’ll be the first out of the gate with this simultaneous release . . . who knows, maybe a few years from now this will be the norm when your favorite band’s new record comes out.

And for those of you who are anxiously awaiting the next Guitar Hero, “World Tour,” we’re ready for that too . . . you will be able to experience “Death Magnetic” for drums, vocals, and guitar when that game emerges this Fall.


    • Laura

      Oh yea, he definitely would know all this. He’s been keeping tabs on the album too I do believe. I can’t wait to see them when they tour. I AM going to. Nothing is going to stop me this time. hehe

      But I was wondering how this downloading the album for GIII works though…

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