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The hunt is over….

….and I’m such a dork!

A simple outing last night for a toothbrush holder, a specific one at that, led us to find what I have been searching for for months!!!

A set of “odd measure” cups. Do you know how long I had been searching for these?

I had to get them. They were the only set and it’s Winners, if I don’t get them now I’ll never see them again.

Let’s just say it was expensive but I was willing to buy them at William-Sonoma so it was better than that.

But I was soooo frickin’ excited to have a set of measuring cups.

I was beaming.

So damn happy.

Over measuring cups.

God, that sounds dumb. But whatever, I don’t care.

I bought the matching “regular” set as well so I could have a complete matching set. Because I’m that cool.

It was perfect. All the sizes I wanted, plus a couple I didn’t think I wanted (but later that night proved wrong). They are heavy duty steel. And I mean heavy. They are even Paderno. I even like the look of them, unlike the ones at William-Sonoma (I didn’t care for their design…they looked like little cooking pots).

So I came home and the first thing I did was pull out my new trusted recipe box and grab the recipe for Snickerdoodles (yes, again) and bake with them. It was perfect. While I was waiting for the butter to soften I was able to pre-measure everything and leave it in the measuring cups because I have so many now and so many sizes, that include 1.5 & 2 cups. So it was all sitting there waiting for the butter to soften. Perfect.

So an ode to the 2 cups that started the hunt for my miraculous find:

Ladies and gentleman, girls and boys, here are the beautiful…very handy…almost sexy…perfect measuring cups of 3/4c. and 2/3c. I have these to thank for starting the search for my measuring cups of awesomeness.

I am in love with measuring cups. Is this normal??? Again, I really don’t care.


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