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I’m tired and glad that tomorrow is Thursday.

What a long, but short at the same time, week this has been. I’ve been keeping busy at work and feeling not so hot the past few days but oh well, what can I do about that. Just take care of myself and hope it goes away. I think it slowly is going away. At least it’s happening now and not on the weekend.

There has been almost 2 years of anticipation building for this weekend for Carli and I.

I’m officially calling it “Laura & Carli do Cape Enrage”.

I am taking Carli rapelling, as part of her MOH gift, and then we’ve decided to add on to our adventure and do the zipline as well (time, money and bodily energy dependent). I will be dead on Sunday…my body is going to be hurting…if not, it will by Monday morning for sure. I feel I’m too out of shape for this. Oh well, no time like the present.

I’m also toying strongly with getting another tat. I can almost picture the design but it’s not clear. I know what I want it to be but I’m not inspired yet. hehe It’ll come to me. I would like to get it before I leave NB but I don’t think that is going to happen. I may wait until I get out West but I worry as I know the reputations and the people in NS/NB.

It’s weird living in Fredericton without John. I moved here because of him. For him.Now I’m the one left here knowing no one.

Well, I know work people but that’s not the same thing. Although, we may get together and hang out before I leave. That would be cool.

I find people are calling me a lot more because John isn’t here. Sometimes I wonder why they are…it’s not typically really…but nevertheless, I do love it…so don’t stop. If John being away is what it takes, I guess I’ll take it. I haven’t been on the phone so much as I have been in the past 3 days. Unreal.

It’s going to be weird after this weekend as well. That will be my last weekend in Moncton. My last weekend. Wow.

I’ve had sooooo many good times in Moncton and so much has happened in the past 7 or so years that I’ve adopted Moncton as a second or third home. It’ll just be strange is all. I said my goodbyes, or rather my see ya laters, last weekend I do believe. I don’t expect to see people…well friends other than Carli this coming weekend…it’ll be strange. So many memories.

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