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Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

God, do I have a sign on my back or my front for that matter?!?

It seems like I’m a target. Like people are picking me to pick on, yell at, etc etc.

I’ve grown tired of it.

First thing, Rogers idiot the other week. I hope she ended up in as much trouble and the csr suggested. But at least I got free shit on account of it. John dealt with it for me. I’m not going into it on the worldwide web but a few of you know the story and it’s kind of embarrassing but down right funny at the same time.

Then I’m at Kody’s and some girl tried to kick down the stall I was in, yelling at me. Only to stop and say sorry. Frig, I was just on my cellphone standing in the stall since I couldn’t hear the person on the phone and there were numerous empty stalls all around so that wasn’t the issue…it was in regards to my first issue. What a psycho.

Then today at the superstore I was in the parking lot talking to John for 5 min over my lunch. I decided I wanted to straighten out the car a bit so I backed up (since the spot behind me was empty) and pulled forward once again. But all of a sudden I see this fat, over 50 year old man without his shirt on (with his wife, I’m assuming) walking out of the superstore. He proceeds to stop in front of my car and yell at me.

“Get off that phone”
“Get off your cell phone”
“Hang up your cell phone”

Then he walked away mumbling something about me getting a fine, etc etc.

Uh, dumbass it’s not illegal to drive in NB with a cell phone. That’s Nova Scotia. AND I’m in a fucking parking lot. I’m not driving around. I’m in a parking spot. So fuck off.

What a tool.

Oh yea, how can I forget my second incident at Kody’s. It was the end of the night (i.e. last 2 slow songs) and I’m by the bar waiting for friends to stop dancing when the expected happened. The dirty 40 or 50 something year old man approaches me. Gross.

I have no outs. I can’t see anyone I know. Frig, even Kev (who’s working) isn’t anywhere to be seen.

He’s trying to be all nice and won’t take the hint and won’t take the what I thought was the obvious brush off. He’s still lingering around while I’m frantically searching for a familiar face.

Finally I had enough.

Stone cold sober I turn to him and say “Sir, I’m not normally this rude but seriously, I’m not in the mood for this shit…I told you I’m married so fuck off”.


It worked though. He finally walked away and stayed away. I felt bad for a split second but then I remembered what was going on and where I was and starting laughing to myself.

So it’s been an interesting 3 or so days. I do wish whatever sign seems to be painted on my back or over my head would go away.

I’ve had enough.

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