• 2012,  reflection

    What would I say

    Extreme Parenting Project I saw this video today and it inspired me to think of what I would have told myself on those early days. But first off, I love the name “Extreme Parenting”. That’s exactly what this is. Parenting brought to a whole new level of crazy. There is so much I would go back and tell myself. Some of it I don’t feel like sharing because it’s that personal. But trying to come up with 1 thing, or one thought is a lot. There is plenty I’d tell myself and I’m just in the beginning stages of it all. The first thing that comes to mind is You CAN…

  • 2012,  Pics

    I’ve Been Sprung!

    Mommy & Daddy are proud to let the world know that I’m being sent home! I can’t wait to get to my own bed and see my puppy. I feel like I’ve been in forever. The PICU is a scary place but they do have great care. But I’ve never been happier to leave. Homeward bound!  Onwards & upwards!

  • 2012


    Today I can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief! We’ve had a very stressful couple of days. The Doctors, well one Doctor in particular, was throwing around big scary words and fear mongering. She was wanting us to make an impossible decision. She wanted us to consent to Noah having a trach. Talk about coming out of the blue. It completely caught me off guard and I immediately welled up, listened to what she had to say and as soon as she left, called J. The fact she mentioned it didn’t surprise me as it seemed like that’s what they have been eluding to for quite some time but…

  • 2012

    It Spins My Head Right Round

    My head is spinning. So much information. So much emotion. I don’t even think I can put it all out there tonight. I don’t want to. I’m retreating inwards and trying to figure it all out on my own. I’m trying to understand. Everything is constantly swirling and it’s disjointed. I need to research. I need to reach out to others who have been here; to others who have worked cases like Noah’s. I’m lost. Completely out of my own realm of experience. I need guidance. Someone give me guidance. And peace.  


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