What’s this…

…the good fortune gods are looking down at us.

Ok, so maybe not good fortune, let’s say semi-good fortune. Because really, you can never say we have good fortune with the Monday a.m. we had. However, this afternoon between 2-3 it took a turn.

A turn for the better.

John went to a Pawn Shop on King St. this afternoon (they didn’t open until after 11 so in actuality he went down trying to get in twice). Well, lo & behold what to his wondering eyes should appear but a Pioneer Mp3 stereo.

The guy was vague about when he got it and was very hesitant about the thought of giving it back. He told John that he “should just buy it for the price he paid for it and sue the guy who brought it to him.” Uh, no thanks. I’m not paying for something that is rightfully ours.

So off John goes back to the apt. to see if we have the serial number somewhere or the manual or something. But, no luck. Our luck ran out the last time our truck was broken into and they took all the manuels & proof of sales then.

John calls the 5-0 to see what the deal is and whatnot. They said to not do what the Pawn Shop guy said and to call them when he heads down and get a car to meet him there.

But then, aha, a light bulb moment. The cd that was in it. It was MINE. And very recognizable…well, not on the outside as it was a plain burnt cd with no writing but the music, oh the music was the choice of yours truly. It’s unmistakable… Toby Keith, Metallica, Keith Urban, Pantera, Great Big Sea, Stan Rogers, Nirvana, RHCP, The Hip, Rascal Flatts, Sarah McLaughlin, Sublime, and the list goes on. So if that didn’t work, we weren’t sure what to do…go through old pics from the summer in the Jeep hoping to catch a glimpse.

John, armed with this new found knowledge, and the roly-poly’s not far behind, walks in and gets our stereo back! The guy didn’t give a hassle this time. Imagine that, the police being right there and all. And he even was playing my cd in his stereo at the shop. I guess he complimented my taste in music and gave it back (after burning a copy of the cd for himself). He even had the harness wiring in the garbage still so we got that back as well and that was another sign it was ours. It was the harness from a Jeep.

So almost 48 hours we got our stereo back. Due to John’s determination & exam procrastination. 🙂

Oh yea, they know who did it as well because this Pawn Shop requires ID/name/address when giving car audio equipment. He lives near by. He lives somewhere on Dundonald (well that’s his last known address). He’s a criminal on parole so he’s heading back to jail. He even showed a corrections Canada id of some kind to “sell” our stereo. It came in yesterday morning. John was told he may have to come back in July to testify that he was indeed broken into if the guy pleads not guilty. I’d imagine (& hope) that he pleads guilty.

So yea, there’s my Tuesday afternoon story….


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