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    Noah 💕

    It’s with the heaviest hearts we must say that our beautiful Noah has passed away unexpectedly in his sleep this morning. John and the EMT tried everything but were unable to save him. We are shattered. The last 6 years and 2 months was not long enough. We wanted more. We needed more. We thought we had more but that wasn’t the plan and our lives will forever be missing the years we didn’t get. But the years we did get were amazing. Sure it seemed daunting and some times was really hard but it was worth it. It was worth every.single.second. He had the best life and felt love…

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    I’ve been focusing on me and my little fam jam this month. That meant I had to step away from my most active social media platform. I was too invested in things. I couldn’t ‘not read’ the comments. I see memes/false information that my “friends” and strangers comment on and then think “why are these people even on my friends list?” But, for the sake of being nice I left them but I don’t need to have every old friend or acquaintance and I was starting to spend more time angry and on the verge of tears than feeling happy when trying to see updates from the people I care about.…

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    6 3

    Happy Birthday Mom. I have really missed you even more than I thought I could in these past 3 weeks. I like to think you’re watching over, maybe cuddling that sweet baby of ours, maybe eating chocolate cake with boiled frosting and listening to Johnny Reid. I pulled out ingredients to make cupcakes for you today but for some reason I just couldn’t do it. I put everything back away and just went downstairs and melted into the couch. I made sure to tell the kids it was your birthday today, even if we didn’t have cake I wanted them to know. I did make them Rice Krispie squares and…

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    11 days later

    and it’s felt like an eternity but gone by in the blink of an eye. So let me tell you about the last 11 days. John took the week off work (went back yesterday). As soon as we found out what happened he told his boss he wasn’t coming in for the week. He took on the kids needs for the week and tried to make sure I had those days and times to heal physically. I know he was is hurting but he put it all aside for me so I could stay in bed a little later in the mornings and to take it as easy as I…


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