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It’s starting

I can already see it creeping up and is going to be on the brink of spiralling out of control.

What is it you might ask.

My frickin’ glucose levels!

I remember the battle I had in T3 last time and I know it’s going to get there again but I’ve had such great control over my sugars until a couple weeks ago now. They were so consistent and awesome before but I was watching them creep up. There is nothing I could have done to stop it and I couldn’t counteract anything because the numbers were still within target, they were just slowly going higher and closer and closer to target until they no longer met target.

It’s funny how different it is this time. Last time I couldn’t get breakfast or fasting numbers to be on target very often and this time it seems to be supper. Fasting is a struggle, but nothing like it was before. This time I started to actually have lows in the middle of the night so we had to bump back my units at night (which was unheard of first time around) except by bumping them back I was waking up too high. So I’m in this stupid limbo. Higher gives me lows and lower gives me highs. What a vicious cycle.

We are going to try to lower my supper readings back like they were a few short weeks ago and see if that’ll let me keep the lower units at night and be ok in the AM. But I’m right on the cusp. It’s all trial and error and it’s getting frustrating. I know I shouldn’t get frustrated because it’s not me, what I’m eating, or what I’m doing for exercise. It’s the hormonal surges caused from BabyA. There is nothing I can do to stop or prevent it. I just have to counteract it and hope it works.

I just want to have tighter control than I had last time and I see it slowly slipping away and it sucks. I know people, well other Diabetics, would be glad to have most of my readings (if not all of them) but if you didn’t know, I’m kind of a control freak perfectionist. I’m very Type A and I don’t like to see things I’ve had control over for 6+ months now starting to go down the crapper.

Yes, it’s only going to get worse.

Yes, it’s hormonal.

Yes, I’m doing the best I can.

But still, it grates on my every nerve.

For instance, the past 2 suppers I’ve had were very LOW carb and meals I normally eat. Well wouldn’t you know, I had one insanely high reading and the other just squeaked in under target. Annoying. These meals just a few short weeks ago would put me on the cusp of a low and now, not so much.

Boo to Diabetes.

Boo I say.

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