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E’s words for Noah

Saying Elijah is devastated is an understatement but he is so strong. He was determined to read the words he wrote in front of every one. Here are the beautiful words he wrote for his brother.

We will always remember you Noah. You will always be in our hearts. And we will always think of you every day and every night. You were always so funny. We all loved your toys and watching you play with your toys, especially alien. We liked the library books you picked and we will always love you forever in our hearts. I loved sitting beside you at supper, lunch, and breakfast. I loved how you tickled me when I was sitting for supper every night. I loved how you would crawl into my bed and snuggle me. I won’t forget us play fighting over alien. We love you Noah.

Noah, when I was going down the driveway yesterday did you save me from going onto the road? If you didn’t I will still think you did.

You were the best brother.


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