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    Grrr to hackers

    So I awake yesterday morning, like every other Sunday morning — dragging my feet, to find out that my website had been hacked. How annoying. Why anyone would bother to do it is beyond me.  It’s just a personal blog. Needless to say, I was pissed and a little at a loss. It took me the majority of the day to get it back. I ran into a few glitches with my host and they needed to look into a few things for me. By the time it was all ready to go and I could reinstall applications E was already in bed. We were due to be working on…

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    What are people thinking

    People out here baffle me.  Many times you hear people saying that people out East are “backwards” and “ignorant” and all those good things.  But honestly, some people out here don’t hold water to stories I’ve heard back East.  I’m sure I’ve touched on the open ignorance and racism that seems to be widely prevalent and almost accepted out here. But that isn’t something I’m going to rant about again…at least not right now. What am confused and baffled about is the issue some groups and individuals have against doulas.  Like seriously what is the issue.  It’s empowering labour support. When we first met with my doula we were just…

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    Saturday blahs.

    So how sad is it that I now dread Saturdays and I fear it’s only going to get worse once BabyA arrives. Luckily I will be too sleep deprived to know what day it is! lol This job J is on was supposed to be every second Saturday…well he’s had 1, maybe 2, off since starting in January.  It sucks. It makes me hate this stupid province even more. I can’t do anything. Well now I might be able to start getting out and going for walks now that the weather has been nice but up until recent it was icy and cold and I didn’t feel like walking. I…

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    Post 1817

    So today is the first day that I seem to be suffering from pregnancy horomones, an overabundance of them.  And you really can’t control them no matter how hard you try, or how much you realize that it’s something you’d normally call mundane or let slide off your back.  It’s rather ridiculous if you ask me.  I can’t wait until it’s really bad during the early post-partum period. lol I just had the stupidest thing at work make me feel sad. I shouldn’t be. I should be happy but it didn’t have that effect. Oh well, whatever. I will admit that recently I’ve been feeling a little disconnected. Disconnected from…


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